Tuesday, August 30, 2016

If You Insist On Classifying People Geographically

You know, if you insist on classifying people geographically as you do, I'm a lot more impressed with more of the people I've met and read and heard from the Midwest and South than those in NYC.  Both in terms of intellect and in things such as practicing of standards of scholarship and honesty instead of fads and fashions.  And if I'm not as impressed with NYC on that count, I'm also really unimpressed with San Franciscans, at least those on the lefty-left, I say after just having come from the Mother Jones website.   

That's not so shocking when you figure the number of people in the Midwest and South, the number of fine universities and colleges as compared to your relatively puny cities.  Your impression depends on density, both of numbers of such institutions per square miles and the denisity of the skulls which refuse to believe other places have smart people living in them.

I know you guys figure the place where you reside is the center of the universe - it isn't, get over it - but there's a lot more to the universe and even the country than your home towns.   

Come to think of it, you can throw in Madison with NYC and S.F,  I looked at The Progressive magazine the other day.  I'm a lot less impressed with Madison than the people who figure it's the pole star or something.  Though there seem to be fewer people living under that delusion given the experience of not being able to prevent or get rid of Scott Walker.  As so often happens, the lefty, left stuff coming from places with a sort of lefty establishment looks rather old and dated.  Following old fashions of a left which thinks Marxism isn't dead and that 18th century mechanistic science is the ever and eternal truth instead of just an oversimplified, reductionist view of the physical universe which it became apparent was inadequate more than a century ago. 

In comparison, native Mainers have long been somewhat famous for not getting all that impressed with ourselves or our state.  I've been telling you guys, for years, that it isn't a liberal state, though it's a lot more liberal than your state is in some ways.  I don't know of anyone who is stupid enough to figure it's the hub of the universe.  Those guys in Massachusetts had that idea about Concord, then Cambridge, only no one really believes that outside of Harvard, now.   Maine escaped the direct domination of those guys in 1820, though they have certainly lorded it over us to the extent they could. 

Really, you vainglorious, chauvinistic dolt, classifying people geographically is an expression of bigoted ignorance and conceit.  I suspect there are fewer people inclined to do that in places that haven't generated propaganda about their own greatness than in THE CITY, or other such embodiments of chamber of commerce style self-promotion.  


  1. It's really no different classifying people by geography than classifying people by "race"; it's just more socially acceptable.

    We do the same thing with "generations," a category as baseless and stupid as astrological signs. But the former is accepted, so we all sagely pronounce on the characteristics of "boomers" and "millennials" as if we were talking about Capricorns and Virgos.

    Politically, Texas is a collection of dodos and neanderthals, but culturally it couldn't be further from that. I lived in Austin for 15 years, supposedly the "liberal" bastion of Texas; but all those "free spirits" were simply kids too cool for the room, who thought way too much of themselves and decided they either had "discovered" Austin or were responsible for it's fame. The rest of us, especially the true "natives" who had lived their lives there, or had made Austin famous (Eddie Wilson of Armadillo World Headquarters fame, the owners of the nightclubs on Sixth street or Antone's, people who danced the two step at the Broken Spoke) paid no attention to the attention-grabbers.

    And the rest of Texas? Get out of the neighborhoods where everybody is not from Texas because they moved there for work, and you'll find the friendliest, most open-hearted, kindest people around. Hell, Houston is the most ethnically diverse city in the country, which is a real poke in the eye to NYC's reputation. And frankly, most of us here like it that way.

    It's odd how many people want to buy the sizzle, rather than the steak.

  2. Sorry, NYC actually is the center of the universe. This has been scientifically proven.

  3. No, the most ethnically diverse neighborhood in the country is the boro of Queens in NYC.


  4. The Fleshtones ode to Manhattan.

    Get back to me when anyone is motivated to write a song this good about Maine.