Monday, August 29, 2016

Anthony Weiner Shouldn't Become Hillary Clinton's Problem, If His Wife Decides To Keep Him Her Problem Is Another Matter

It's not fair but that's not my fault but I think Huma Abedin's eternally assholish 12-year-old husband Anthony Weiner is going to inevitably harm her employability, at least as long as her work is with politicians who need to be elected.   If Anthony Weiner's latest sexting scandal turns into a big problem for Hillary Clinton, Abedin's boss, as the media is clearly trying to make it into one,  if it either endangers her electability or her effectiveness in office then, no matter how blameless she is for it, then I think someone has to make a choice.   It's none of my busines whether or not she chooses to stay with an asshole who is clearly not inhibited by considerations of how damaging his juvenile escapades have been and are, how he is dishonoring and shaming her to a world-wide audience, but if I were her boss I'd say that if she sticks with him then she should find work outside of politics.

It's too bad because from everything I've read about her Huma Abedin is remarkably talented and intelligent but it's not as too bad as her being married to a man who has, repeatedly, embarrased her and made things harder for the woman who employs her.   And it's really unfortunate, but a fact of life, that when her employer is Hillary Clinton the Republican loving media is going to throw everything against her that they can dig up or make up.  If there were a hundred such incidents in the Trump campaign, right now, the media would decide that was different.  NPR had a segment on with Cokie Roberts and Jonah Goldberg(!) this morning that was typical of that.  It's so funny how the American media's "both sides are to blame" always seems to come down with Democrats, especially Hillary Clinton always being more to blame for more than Republicans are.  That is the political and corporate media reality that Hillary Clinton has to operate in and which her staff must understand as a condition of their being part of her staff.  And so should their spouses, especially one like Weiner who destroyed his own political career through his assholish exhibitionism.

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  1. "Anthony Weiner Shouldn't Become Hillary Clinton's Problem, If His Wife Decides To Keep Him Her Problem Is Another Matter"

    Say what you will about Weiner, but apparently he's too busy sexting non professional sex workers to be consuming the porn that otherwise would have turned him into a serial killer.