Thursday, November 5, 2015

Hate Mail - The Illiteracy, It Burns

Apparently, from what I'm told, Steve Simels doesn't realize that the quote I posted from Daniel Gasman was written by a prominent historian of the Holocaust, not by me.   Considering the general aversion to careful reading among the neo-atheists of E-ton, that's a lot less surprising than it should be.

There is something that is also common among them, the inability to think in ideas but in prejudices which they merely play with like building blocks, making simple structures that are liable to get knocked down with little force.   Yeah, what William James pointed out.  Thus anyone who doesn't fall for their entire dogmatic program has to be a right-wing Republican and a Biblical fundamentalist, white supremacist (or a Ben Carson supporter) etc.  Which I guess they figure is going to bother me when I get called such things by such simple minds.  But, you know, it doesn't bother me, it encourages me that they've got nothin'.  Nothin'.  Not a single thing to counter with but that.  And it doesn't work with me because they lack the first thing it would take for it to bother me, my caring about their opinion.

Update:  And just now he's showing his ignorance of the kind of young people who know something about musical comedy.   Gee, like I haven't known any of those in my time as a small town music teacher and gay man.   And then there's my niece who's addicted to musicals.   Maybe I just know a more intelligent bunch of young people than a senile, washed up, pop music scribbler and blog fly.

Update 2:  "How do you know Seth MacFarlane is a phony?"

That one's easy,  I've heard him croon.

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