Monday, November 2, 2015

DeNazifying The Discourse

I won't be posting any comments that refuse to acknowledge the full range of the victims of biological mass murder or other mass murders committed by that crime family of ideologies I wrote about, yesterday.  Not without comment and even then only as I find it useful.   As I once noted, to rank the victims of various identities, concentrating on some to the exclusion of others is to practice ranking them for value.  That has been the common required view of the mass murders of the Nazis certainly for about the past forty years.  

The ranking for value of different groups of people on the basis of their identity, That is Nazi thinking and I'm not going to encourage it or allow my blog to be used for it.

Neither am I going to pretend that campaigns of mass murder by various governments can be ranked as acceptable on the basis of purported intentions, that some governments murdered millions, or hundreds of thousands, or thousands, or hundreds for the right reason.  It is tempting to note that that is Stalinist thinking, though I doubt Stalin was focused on anything other than maintaining power, just as Hitler was.   It is the line that Stalin apologists have taken, one that corrupted a large part of the left, damaging it severely in the past century.  And if it wasn't the devotees of Stalin, it was the devotees of Mao and Trotsky and other cults of true believers.  

Instead of being on the ends of the scale of political identity, Nazis and Communists are right next to each other, as measured on the basis of their most notable product, mountains of corpses and people enslaved and lives blighted.  Capitalism isn't far from them on that scale you can see when you don't ignore the piles of bodies.  The opposite of Nazism is egalitarian democracy and economic justice, not Marxism.  

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