Saturday, January 26, 2019

Saturday Night Radio Drama - Gordon Pengilly - Lucky Girl and The Rawhide Hour

Patricia Phillips 
Jayne Eastwood 
Richard Donat
Tom Hoff
David Ferry
Jim Henshaw
Simon Reynolds
Jack Mather 

Doris Petrie

Denis Robinson 
Ty Hammes
Bill Davidson
Paul Whitney 
Kent Gelly
Blair Haines
Don Hill
Chris Moore

Rhonda Tron

I guessed at the spellings of some of the names I wasn't familiar with , I transcribed the names from the recordings

Longtime readers - don't laugh, I do have a few - might remember I posted these on a weekday to provide an alternative to those who weren't going to listen to Trump delivering what passes as a  SoTU speech.  I didn't include them in the series I did of Gordon Pengilly's plays last summer but here they are again now.  

I love Gordon Pengilly's work, it stands more than one hearing. 

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