Sunday, January 20, 2019

End The Scandal Of Elite Catholic Boys Schools Especially When It's Mixed With Jock Entitlement

Another ugly incident rooted in another Catholic boy's prep-school is in the news.

It's been an eye-opening few months for just what amoral jerks are being educated in Catholic schools, yesterday it was the Covington School in Park Hill, Kentucky who were at an anti-abortion demonstration when a group of them, wearing Covington hoodies and Trump MAGA hats mocked and harassed Nathan Phillips, an Omaha elder and a Vietnam War veteran who was engaged in a sacred ceremony. 

You can read the disgusting details and, I'll point out, there is talk about the offenders being expelled.  You'll also note that this time, at least, the school's officials joined local officials of the Catholic church in issuing an apology. 

I look at this and all of the other scandals coming from Catholic boys schools and I've got to wonder why the behavior of the boys and men who they are producing isn't considered an obvious and disgusting moral failure, one largely flowing from the kind of right-wing Catholic culture that has been enhanced and produced from such elite Catholic education.  While, as I've been documenting here for months, the product of Catholic prep-schools and universities who have careers as amoral thugs and gangsters with economic and political power, the greatest number of those come from the mixture of entitled educational credentialing with jock culture.  Covington was in the news last month due to one of its basketball stars Jake Walters (6-10, 265lbs) being accused of raping and sodomizing a woman and laughing at her after he seriously injured her.

The violent, criminal mix of team sports and the kind of entitlement that is a part of prep-school culture isn't a specifically Catholic school problem BUT FOR PETE'S SAKE, WHEN IT HAPPENS AT A CATHOLIC SCHOOL IT'S A CATHOLIC SCHOOL IT'S HAPPENING AT. 

Added into that is the disgusting focus on nationalism - the schools motto is Pro Deo et patria (For God and country) and the obvious pollution of American-fascism as seen in the MAGA hats. 

I doubt that this kind of elite all-male institution can exist without these kinds of scandals coming out of them, if they were co-educational and elite they would still generate scandals.  There is obviously something deeply unChristian about the culture of such institutions, not to mention the "pro-life" movement that these brats were part of.  As can be seen in the scandalous behavior of the product of such Catholic schools during the Trump regime, it produces thugs, gangsters and criminals of the worst kind, the kind who hold power and make their thuggery and gangsterism legal.   The whole system should be scrapped, schools that produce those kinds of graduates are a disgrace and a scandal.  The Catholic Church, Catholic religious orders shouldn't be engaged in running elite schools for the scions of the entitled and those who hope, through that credentialing to become the kind of thugs that Brett Kavanaugh is, that Jake Walters is credibly accused of being of the likes of the Catholics in the Trump regime and who are on the Supreme Court. 

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