Wednesday, January 23, 2019

It's Past Time For The Secular Left To Face The Fact That Marxism Is Just Another Form of Gangster Government

Being sick, yesterday, I didn't much feel like listening to the news.  I took the time to think more about my theory that, despite the left-right graph of political identity, spreading in two directions from the "sensible middle" the alleged point of safety, there are really only two forms of government, egalitarian democracy in which adequately informed people of good-will choose their governments and regularly get to vote on whether or not to change them and governance by gangsters.   Gangster governments go from bad to Stalin-Hitler-Mao-Kim levels of horrific oppression and murder through various lesser levels of horrific oppression and inequality, the Saudi system - American apartheid states (based on racial, ethnic and gender inequality), various fascist systems, the lesser police states of Marxism such as Cuba up to and including the conservative governments of places like the United States and quasi democracies, Venezuela right now, Nicaragua under the Ortegas, . . . 

The division between egalitarian democracies and gangster governance reaches a fuzzy line in the United States and places like Canada and Germany, with there always being a danger of gangsterism exerting influence, previously, here, through such corruptions as lobbyists wining and dining and, sometimes, paying off members of municipal councils, legislatures, the Congress has given way to Supreme Court sanctioned corruption that, in Trump and under Republican-fascism, has a real potential to destroy the potential of the United States to secure its position outside of the system of gangster governance.  There is a reason that Putin, one of the most successful of gangster dictators in recent history, wanted to put someone like Trump in office, someone who gangsters in the House of Saud and the Communist gangsters who run China were eager to do business with, it's because gangsters able to control a puppet gangster in the White House was far better for gangsters than having one who was answerable to the American People.  America's indigenous gangsters had always had that ability, especially thanks to the Supreme Court, the most efficient engine of corruption in the set-up of the American Constitutional regime- itself set up to thwart egalitarian government, every aspect of progress away from rule by gangster-oligarchs.  The Electoral College, the anti-democratic structure of the Senate, those are potent tools for the prevention of egalitarian democracy, set up by the original gangsters for their benefit and the benefit of their heirs. 

Abolitionism, Womens' suffrage, opening up the vote to even White Men who didn't own property and, eventually, who couldn't afford to pay poll taxes, culminating in the all-too-temporary Voting Rights Act were all steps and, in some cases strides away from the gangster favoring aspects of the original Constitution, many of those gangster empowering provisions demanded by the slave owners in slave states and gladly granted by Northern merchants, banksters and others in the North who were only somewhat less crooked.   It is no accident that it is the "originalists" the "strict constructionists" the Federalists-fascists who have James Madison as their trade mark who have been working to destroy that progress away from gangster governance and who hold a majority on the Court.  They are the direct enablers of the Putin putsch just as they have been enablers of our domestic gangster-oligarchs in thwarting egalitarian democracy.  

A lot becomes far clearer when you give up the old Poli-sci model that largely leaves out the question of equality and the right of The People to both a level of adequate information necessary to govern themselves and an unhampered ability to determine their governments and which contains such absurd assertions that Hitler and Stalin were polar opposites when their systems had everything of the most importance in common.   That the old poli-sci model rested mostly on asserted intentions surrounding economics instead of on the hardest of realities, justice, love, neighborliness, the precursors of egalitarian democracy,  has distorted our politics in the most profound way.

I was thinking about the Majority Report crew and their frequent citations  and references of Marx and Marxist thinkers and wondering why even the smartest ones among them don't see that everything they claim to favor in life is nothing that Marxism will bring about.  I wonder how they can ignore, since they know the reality, of the total oppression that the Soviet and Chinese systems were, the scores of millions murdered by Marxist regimes, a figure far higher than those Nazism managed to pile up, more durably entrenched terror and police states that are better models for Nazis and fascists than they are in opposition to them.  It's no great mystery how the Marxists of the later days of the Soviet system immediately morphed into today's most successful fascist oligarchs, they were always the same thing only with a different label.  It was the idiocy of Western academic analysis that insisted on the model of line balanced on a pivot instead of one based in reality that has misled the atheist would-be left.  

Perhaps it's their worship of science and mathematical symmetry that blinds them to the idiocy, still, even now that Marxism has been given a lavish test of time costing hundreds of millions of lives and billions of lives blighted by terror and oppression,  Marxism is discredited as anything other than an anti-democratic system that would never do more than generalize oppression.  It has been given that test of time, it has produced those results.  For crying out loud, Putin's greatest dream would be for him to reproduce the Soviet system and even he wouldn't go through the motions of pretending he was reviving the Marxist clap-trap that people in the United States - save those in the academic and scribbling professions - understood as making Marxism nothing they wanted.   That discrediting here has been quite similar to the discrediting of capitalism in so much of the third-world.  One of the tragedies of that is the extent to which capitalists have been able to gull people into the foolish idea that capitalism is an inherent aspect of democracy when it is merely an enduring engine of gangster governance of a more antique and less ideological character. 

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