Saturday, January 19, 2019

Saturday Night Radio Drama - Danny Brocklehurst - DCI Stone The Unraveling Of A Murder

When a dead body is discovered at an inner city hotel DCI Stone is forced to navigate the murky and transient world of catering.

DCI JOHN STONE.....Hugo Speer
DS SUE KELLY.....Deborah McAndrew
DI MIKE TANNER.....Craig Cheetham
ELENA/ KAREN.....Lizzie Stavrou
ALICE STONE...…Millie Gibson 
JOLENE/ DIANA..…Angela Lonsdale 
ASADI QADIR/ GARETH......George Bukhari

Directed by Nadia Molinari

DCI Stone is a popular currently produced radio drama on the BBC.  This is more a link to what I think is the current season than a single drama.  My only question is why the kids in Brit dramas are always such little assholes, most of the kids I know are pretty OK.  Don't they know how to write nice kids?  Other than that it's pretty good.

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