Friday, January 18, 2019

Is It A Rule That All Republican MDs Are Mentally Deficient As Well As Moral Abominations?

POOR RAND PAUL, REDUCED TO DEPENDING ON SLAVE LABOR MEDICINE, WHAT'S WRONG, CAN'T HE FIND THAT LEVEL OF SERVICE HERE IN THE LAND OF THE (REALITY) FREE AND HOME OF THE CRAVEN?    Rand, his daddy, Ron, Ben Carson?  Have you ever seen a more obvious collection of mental defectives who are allowed to practice medicine?

1 comment:

  1. Technical proficiency and capacious memory (for all that science, anatomy, technical skill, etc.) is not the same thing as intelligence, and intelligence is not the same thing as wisdom.

    Then again, we still insist 'smart' people are a) rich or b) knowledgeable in science, while we just think "wise" people are old and kind. So we have frightfully limited concepts to begin with.