Monday, January 14, 2019

The Genealogy of American Fascist Evil

As I'm typing this NPR's Morning Edition has Newt Gingrinch on lying his fat face off about the Trump - McConnell shutdown and the one he caused during the Clinton administration.   Why they talk to Republican-fascists who they know are liars, who they know will lie on them and deceive their listeners is a good example of one of the worst aspects of the practice of journalism in the United States.  Especially the broadcast and cabloid media.

They don't seem to be about to correct what he said by talking to the reporters who he whined to about the slights and snubs he said were the reason for his self-destructive shut-down, so, in reality, when the media has on known liars, they are the vehicle through which they peddle their lies.

Democracy in the United States is being destroyed by lies.  Putin's entire campaign was based on targeting the peddling of lies to those deemed by social, computer and other scientists to be the most vulnerable to believing those lies.  What he was doing, what those rightly alarmed by it is something that the American media does every day, on behalf of their owners, their sponsors, other members of the super-rich elites, on behalf of their own careers which they know will not be harmed by carrying dirty water for them.   Now, as can be heard on NPR this morning as David Greene lobs soft-ball challenges to Newt Gingrich and they don't have on those who could correct his lying, they're carrying such filth when they know it is in support of Putin's puppet in the White House.

The American free press, the media are the problem, they are the messengers of lies, the corruption of our politics might not start there but they are close to the start.   Where it starts is with the Supreme Court giving them permission to lie with impunity.   There is a reason that things have steadily gotten worse, with a stream of terrible presidencies and Republican-fascist congresses in the period after 1964, the date of the first of those criminally irresponsible rulings made on behalf of the New York Times.

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  1. I did enjoy the way he said he "forced" balanced budgets by his extreme efforts. Re-wrote history to ignore the fact his temper tantrum (which he blamed on a "liberal" reporter) shut the government down for three weeks, and the result was he lost his job shortly thereafter. He also ignored all the scandals he was involved in which brought him down.

    Funny how much he sounds like Trump, especially claiming the majority of Federal workers are Democrats (so? Even if it's true, which I doubt). Funny how his scandals ruined him, too. He's probably more like Trump than not, and there is a lesson there.