Tuesday, June 26, 2018

We Are Being Ruled. Not Governed, By An Insane Little Boy

Just read that from going from the apple of his eye, at least according to an old script for his terrifyingly too real current reality show, Harley-Davidson is being threatened by Little King Donald with punitive taxes because it was forced by his tantrum-Putin motivated tariffs to move some of its production out of the United States.   Of course, Trump was too stupid to know that was a predictable outcome of what he did by starting a trade war with the European Union and other countries, because other than posturing and thieving and PR bullshit, he knows nothing about either business or economics or trade or much of anything. 

I don't feel sorry for any of the American workers at Harley-Davidson who will lose their jobs, at least the ones who voted for Trump, they're getting what they asked for. 

I will feel sorry for the ones who didn't vote for Trump who lose their jobs, they should thank those folks in the last sentence for the loss of their jobs, they're the ones who put Little King Donald in place to do what he just did to them. 

Likewise the owners and managers at Harley-Davidson and other companies and corporations which will now be faced with doing what Harley did or losing a lot of business in some of our largest markets.  At least the ones who supported Trump and Republicans in general.   Let's not forget the role that Republicans in congress, in state governments, on courts have done to produce this disaster, and not a few non-Republicans who supported the idiocy that bought us here, not to mention many if not most of the people in media who did this to us. 

I don't do photo-shop, if I did I'd do something with this image:

Image result for the little king

That beard on The Little King, turn it orange, put it coming out from under his crown, you'd get Trump's wig.  You could substitute the faces for Trump's courtiers for the background.  Little King Donald.  The cartoon was kind of tediously endearing, the reality is horrifically terrifying.

Where are the children?   The ones that the Little King took from their parents?  No one should ever let any Republican off on any occasion they can ask them that question.  Those in the Congress have to answer what they're going to do about it.  People wonder how it happened in Germany, it started with people being unwilling to ask those kinds of questions as atrocities started happening. 

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