Friday, June 29, 2018

Lies In The Rat Shtick

No surprise that Lillian Hellman, the woman whose every word was a lie, has the devotion of the guy who follows her example at Duncan's jr. high school for scandal.  Simps pretty much lies about everything too.  And his fellow Eschatots don't care.  With less than a handful of exceptions, the ones who remain are lazy, time wasting dolts.  Even those exceptions apparently go there far less often than they used to.  Adults almost all fled in the past decade.  

As to that scummy old bitch being a Stalinist, that's not in question.  Millions murdered, hundreds of millions, even over a billion oppressed and deprived of every right, he doesn't care as long as he figures they don't appertain to him.  That's what it's all about, he figures other people don't matter. Just like Hellman and Hammett didn't.  Both of them endorsed Stalin's show trials in 1938, well after the extent of his Hitler sized mass murdering was known, accurately, in the west.  Both tacitly supported the Smith act being used against the rivals of their commie party, the old Socialists. Such people are no better than the German-American Bund crowd was.  I'm not a sucker for their self-generated, self-pitying propaganda, shedding tears for pampered, degenerate Hollywood reds who found they couldn't make big bucks turning out crap movies for a while.   They were just as vile as American Nazis and fascists, the only problem was they didn't do the same to the fascists. 

Hey, what do you expect?  Moral probity?  From the guy who, when he learned that Gore Vidal regularly went on boy-raping jaunts to Thailand claimed it was OK because he was a "great writer".   I will give Vidal that, he didn't steal other peoples' stories and peddle them as his memoirs but he was still a pedophile rapist. 

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