Saturday, June 30, 2018

Stupy Mail To Stupify the Stupified

"Be My Baby" is a work of art.

As an art teacher I knew said when asked what she thought of the art of the rubber stamp that was a fad of a few years back, "I wouldn't even call it craft."

"Be My Baby" is the same kind of art that wall paper patterns are.  Considering you are bringing Phil Spector,  dubiously listed as a co-writer of the thing,into this, that comparison is exactly apt.  We all had a bit of fun with those girl groups but very few of them rose to the level of art, though some rose to the level of craft.  

Go on.  React predictably at this heresy against commercial garbage.  

Update: It's hilarious that pale, pasty, eternally 12 Stupy is pulling the "white boy" card on me over my dissing of Phil Spector.  Here's a picture of him and the Ronettes in 1963, the year Be My Baby was a hit.   Can you pick him out?

Image result for phil spector 1963

And to put the cerise glacĂ©e on it, he called Phil the lady killer (literally) the "acknowledged auteur" of the record.  By which is meant what a bunch of pretentious pop-music critics learned from reading pretentious movie critics and applied to producers who had the most to offer them when they flattered them, not the Brill Building stable of hacks who cranked out the original material.  

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