Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Trump Incites Terrorism

How much do you want to bet that the mentally deficient Trump fan base attacks or kills people at some restaurant that happens to have the name "Red Hen" or something like it?   I'd say that any bets that wouldn't happen are placed by the naive. 

The phenomenon of organized or, more dangerous, propaganda induced trolling on Twitter and other forums for the mentally deficient whose irrational and artificially induced passions are many times bigger than their intellect and many times more than that of their sense of morality is something which is truly dangerous.  Not only is it physically dangerous, something that leads to murders and nut-balls shooting up people and places, it is dangerous to democracy because they do it to intimidate people who oppose the violent and fascist from opposing them openly.

What Trump did in tweeting an attack to signal his drooling, lunatic cult to attack should be grounds for impeachment, it is an incitement to terrorize.   A president of the United States should never be exempted by election from suffering consequences for calling out his armed flying monkey squad to attack people.  Election by a minority of the voters in an election or even a majority of them should not carry that kind of exemption.   It is only one of the stupider aspects of our governmental system that someone who does something like that can't be removed from office.

Update:  I'd missed Obama's jerk of a Sec. of Education, Arne Duncan, tweeting that Sarah Huckabee Sander being asked to leave a restaurant due to her being an inhuman monster was the equivalent of Jim Crow era discrimination.  As someone who grew up in privilege, the son of a U. of Chicago prof who went to the prep-school of that training ground for the ruling class before he ended up at the mother ship of the same,  Harvard, I guess he's a fully credentialed idiot.

Arne Duncan is, of course, my exhibit A in the case that Democrats who want to be president should be required to promise that anyone they appoint to be Secretary of Education should be the product of the public schools and universities that are the proper concern of that department instead of the prep=>Ivy system.   They will almost always turn out to be bad for public schools and the large majority of people who depend on them.  Ask your typical, experienced public school teacher what they thought of the Obama-Duncan "Race To The Top" brought to you by those who started out at the top and look down at those who weren't.

I also hadn't heard that Obama's Senior Adviser, David Axelrod, a U. of Chicago product, similarly decried that the people at the restaurant were mean to Huckabee Sanders.   Just in case you have to be reminded at how badly Obama and his crew from the elite of Chicago blew the great hand the voters gave them in 2008.  I don't think they ever intended to do better than they did.

Haven't bothered to check what either of them have had to say about the appalling abduction and holding of babies and children, I can't imagine anything that either of those jerks had to say on the subject would be helpful.  Considering Obama's appalling, though less appalling record in that regard, maybe it's not a surprise.

We paid a huge price for electing Obama in 2008.   I don't like him at any more than I like Bill Clinton, which is less with every passing incident.

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  1. Banning Muslims is unfortunate and declasse. But insulting people we associate with (Duncan is a creature of D.C.), my dear, that's simply not done!