Thursday, January 18, 2018

Tumpisher Beobachter

I am asked what I think of the New York Times editorial page being devoted, entirely, to the approximately 34% of Americans who support Donald Trump and the first thing I note is that 34% is about 2.8% less of the electorate who supported Hitler in 1932.  And the second thing I will point out is that if the Trump regime declared martial law, suspended the Constitution and started rounding up and murdering its opponents the New York Times would probably do the same thing, again. 

The New York Times is a tool of the billionaire oligarchs just as it was the tool of the multi-millionaire oligarchs before now.  It was the rag that started the descent into Trumpian fascism when it got itself the permission to lie with impunity.  That is what it really is, that really has had a devastating effect on American democracy, it is one of the most effective tools of billionaire oligarchy. 

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