Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Stupid Play Left Is A Putin Asset Just As They Used To Be Before The Soviet Regime Turned Into An Overt Mafia

Samantha Bee is an exception to the general rule that Canadians who come to live in the United States are generally not the best that Canada has to offer,  Simp's buddy Thunderboy is an example supporting the rule, not the exception. 

There are, maybe, three people I know of who still occasionally visit Duncan Black's blog who might be held to be grown-ups, the more reliable rule is that the last adults gradually stopped going there years ago.  If Simps and The Simpletons never mentioned me I'd probably have stopped thinking about it, entirely.  If he didn't get money from it, I'll bet Duncan wouldn't remember to put up his typical tweet length posts there most days.  

I learned several important things from Eschaton.  A. that the materialist downgrading of human minds is deadly poison for democracy, B. that atheism, which I'd always figured was a far more sophisticated ideology is nothing of the sort and that it is also fatal to democracy and, so, unsurprisingly, ballot box poison and so, C. the part played by atheists under various guises has been, by and large, more useful for fascists than real liberals, and D.   the "civil liberties" industry, the bigger little magazines of the alleged left, such as The Nation and The Progressive and In These Times, not to mention the even cruder and stupider forms online such as Alternet, many of the organs of the organized, "secular" left are unreliable and frequently dishonest as to their ultimate motives and interests.   I have to say that witnessing them over the past two decades has led me to totally reconsider their predecessors who were Soviet or Maoist assets.   I think just as the Soviet nomenklatura immediately turned into the Putin mafia which covertly put Trump into office. their assets in the United States media and the lefty organizations, such as the Green Party, similarly do what they did then and promote the interests of the same criminal establishment.  

As an aside, I think the history of Denis Kucinich can legitimately be understood in light of those lessons, as can the idiotic "left" who are enthusiastic about the Senate candidacy of Chelsea Manning which is more symptomatic than anything else.  That Manning, who leaked classified information to a Putin asset, Wikileaks, is now acting as a Republican spoiler, one of many I suspect the Putin crime regime will support covertly, doesn't surprise me at all.  I'm losing any sympathy I once had for Manning.   Anyone who could support either of them, with their histories and the near certainty that they could not win but could spoil the chances of a Democrat who could, after seeing such "leftist" erudition put George W. Bush and Trump in office, is a total fucking idiot.  Kucinich is one of two people I regret voting for in a caucus because they turned out to be fucking idiots and traitors to the real left.  Kucinich sucking up to Trump after Trump's Nazi content inaugural speech killed off any expectations that he was any better than that.   He can go to hell. 

Eschaton, run by a trustafarian, frat boy, Ivy-league liberalish libertarian is one of the smallest potatoes in that phenomenon.    I wouldn't even have included it to make this point if I hadn't been told of Thunderboy and Simps' discharge mentioning me.  I don't think Eschaton and its owner are, actually, covert supporters of the Putin regime here, but they are suckers for the ones who are, directly or indirectly.   Their ideology, the ubiquitous snobbery and atheism are the kind of ballot box poison that aids them as it aids Republican-fascism. 

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