Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Electing Someone Awful Once Might Be A Mistake, Reelecting Him Makes It A Choice

Any congressional district that could elect someone like Matt Gaetz might be suspected of being a shithole, since his shitty statements about Haiti last night on Chris Hayes show, not to mention his shitty record, including what I suspect was using his state senator daddy, Don Gaetz, to get out of losing his license when he refused to take a sobriety test when he was stopped for drinking while drunk.   Matt Gaetz isn't what I'd count as a quality citizen of the United States, despite his privileged background and his elite education.  His words and deeds expose him as a sleaze.

I suspect his congressional district is a shithole for electing him, if they reelect him they will have removed any doubt about that.   Any district, town, county, state or country can make a big mistake, it's repeating that mistake that proves it wasn't a mistake and if the Matt Gaetz-Donald Trump electorate supports them as they practice stereotyping of that type then their supporters have no legitimate grounds to complain about when they are judged by their own practice.

Haiti's condition is a direct result of the racist sabotaging of the aspirations of the Haitian People by presidents and Congresses of the United States going back to one of the earliest of our racist presidents,  Thomas Jefferson.   That sabotaging continues right up till today with the United States undermining and removing anyone who aspires to bring egalitarian democracy, economic justice and the rule of law to their country, often with the complicity of the American elite, including the media.
They might not be able to do anything about earthquakes or hurricanes in Haiti but the damage that U.S. policy, explicit and covert, to Haiti is what has kept it down.

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