Saturday, January 20, 2018

Hate Mail - When Did It Become Unacceptable To Not Comment On The Basis Of Not Knowing?

I, like you, know absolutely nothing about the facts of the case in Chile but unlike you I'm not going to assume I know anything about it while claiming I do.    Knowing nothing about it, I can be certain I don't know as much about it as Pope Francis does, but I'm not even speculating that he's got it right even as you, knowing nothing about it, presume he's got it wrong.   

Until I know something about it, I've got nothing to say on it. 

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  1. The Pope is a Bishop, and is defending a Bishop against allegations he has no evidence for. That is, he has seen nothing to support the allegations. Is he supposed to declare the Bishop guilty, or leave him twisting in the winds of public opinion, with no evidence to do so?

    Reading the Pope's comments on the situation, I wasn't surprised. We assume all public figures must be Manichean: they agree with us, or they are evil, they are wrong. That's a basic problem of self-centeredness which is the root of the concept of sin.