Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Real Life Is Real Not Legal Let's Pretend Though That Pretend Could Get Us All Killed For Real

I know several doctors,  it being really late when the question occurred to me I asked one if he would make the prediction that someone with Donald Trump's age, borderline obesity, reported diet and other reported physical conditions and habits was going to remain healthy in what should be a stressful job (not the playtime schedule that Trump is reported to follow) for the next three years.  The answer was of course not

If Dr. Admiral (how you combine those titles, I don't know) Ronny Jackson's reputation will suffer from his role in the certification of Donald Trump's health, I don't know.   I do know I don't believe him.  I don't know how anyone who valued their reputation would agree to have something to do with Trump considering how an association with him can damage even real reputations. 

Did they do any drug testing? I wonder.   I think that we should have mandatory drug testing for presidents with the results being made public.  It's not a right to be president, it is a privilege (one which should be granted ONLY to the actual winner of the popular vote) it is a privilege that The People have a right to know just who it is they're being asked to bestow that privilege on and that they are maintaining their fitness for the job.  There should be no doctor-patient privilege when the patient might get us all killed, a deranged president is far more dangerous than even a deranged private citizen.  That danger made more dangerous for the position of power they asked for should negate any such confidentiality convention.   If a retail outlet can make such disclosure mandatory before they hire a clerk, we have a right to it in a president.

Among the huge range of changes in law and the Constitution that the disastrous Trump regime makes mandatory if we are going to have a democracy instead of Trumpian fascism is that there has to be a distinction made that holding the presidency is not a right it is a privilege and, therefore, certain rights to privacy should not be available for presidents and presidential candidates BECAUSE THEY ARE ASKING TO BE GRANTED A PRIVILEGE, NOT SOMETHING THEY ARE ENTITLED TO BECAUSE THEY ARE A CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES. 

Certainly The People being asked to give that right have a right to see the income tax and other records that would expose corruption and crimes and other matters they need to know before they give someone that privilege.

We The People have a right to know if the person asking for that privilege is taking drugs or have other issues in their life that would impinge on their ability to do one of the most dangerously powerful jobs in the world.  The president can go to war, even nuclear war with only a thin layer of what is rather stupidly known as "fail safe" mechanisms between the world and total destruction. 

To any of the idiot civil liberties industry lawyers and law theorists who would complain about that being a violation of the candidates' and presidents' Constitutional rights as citizens, they're not asking to remain mere citizens, they're asking for a job and the nature of and powers of the American presidency mandate that they give up their rights which they can maintain by not asking for that privilege.

We have to make a lot of distinctions that the civil liberties industry and lawyers and judges and what we laughably call "justices" don't like to because reality is not theoretical, it isn't a hypothetical fable, REALITY IS REAL.   The life of the law may not be logic and reason, though it's only made so by the choice of lawyers and judges, BUT LOGIC AND REASON ARE CERTAINLY VITAL TO REAL LIFE IN REAL REALITY.   The permission that judges and justices give themselves to make believe that a president with the nuclear codes is just another citizens could get us all killed and they should not be able to continue in this.   Civil liberties lawyers in courts or on cabloid talk shows (I can hear the blathering, interrupting ranting of the Dersh on FOX as I type this) who make those kinds of noises should be given the treatment Jake Tapper gave Stephen Miller because they're too stupid, dangerous and dishonest to waste time on.

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