Tuesday, November 28, 2017

An Answer

As I do, whenever I decide to write about porn, I checked out a number of Tumblr blogs and other venues of free online porn and can report that some of them do, indeed, carry what are obvious images of children being raped by adult men, posted as children being raped by adult men, in obvious contradiction to the stupid, lying claims that "all of the models [their dishonest word, not mine ] are believed to be over the age of 18" which is such an obvious lie that it wouldn't stand up in court unless the jurors were idiots or "free speech, free press" advocates.   

Some of the blogs have images of white adult men raping dark skinned children that could well be taken in Thailand* or other Asian countries which have thriving child rape industries, some are claimed to be images from Eastern Europe where the billionaire oligarchs like ours have no scruple against making money off of the rape and sexual use of children and women, even as they mount hate campaigns against LGBT people who don't engage in sexual exploitation and rape.  

Why isn't everyone who supports the availability of porn such as happens all over the internet and through other venues guilty of that?   They permit it to happen, that's as obvious as seeing the images online of children being raped, on blogs and pornsites that advertise the youth of those being raped or prostituted in the images they distribute.  Even as the movies, their writers, their directors and producers and actors, use the hostility towards the Catholic Church and Catholics in their plots and in their limelight speeches that the critics and audiences find so edifying, they and the billionaire owners of the media companies that own the movies are the biggest supporters of the system that has the rape of children and its encouragement as a big money maker for them.   And they and others support the perverted,  degenerate idea that favoring the chain of political and legal theories that led to that are some form of virtue and a positive good.  That is the nearly unanimous stand of American journalists, opinionists and other scribblers who have done their best to distort American liberalism out of any meaning and out of power. 

 *  I do have to wonder why Buddhism, the majority religion in Thailand, has escaped criticism for allowing the horrendously high and obviously allowed industrial rape of children and sex slaves, the same can be asked of Hinduism and every other religion and, obviously, of atheists who are some of the greatest advocates of what most of this piece talks about.  

I mean, if we've gotten to the point where you can get cheers for assigning guilt to people who didn't know what was happening, why should people who not only know what's happening and who not only support continuing the cause of it but champion them as a virtue escape their responsibility, even those involved in the groups and industries where it happens but who don't directly participate in it?   Why not non-porn Tumblr blog owners or on other hosting sites that don't keep child porn off of their blogs?

I say the "free speech, free press" lawyers, judges and journalists are as guilty as Cardinal Law, if not worse.  


  1. "As I do, whenever I decide to write
    about porn, I checked out a number of Tumblr blogs and other venues of
    free online porn and can report that some of them do, indeed, carry what
    are obvious images of children being raped by adult men"

    -- Sparky

    "He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster.
    And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee."

    -- Nietzche

    1. Not surprised that you, a pedophile admirer, would go to the proto-Nazism of Nietzsche to assert the porn industry catch-22 assertion that if you've never looked at porn you don't get to oppose it because you don't know what you're talking about and that if you do look at it to see what it contains, then you don't get to oppose it because you've looked at it.

      I have come to see this as typical of atheist pseudo-leftism that is a cancer on any kind of equal justice or decency.

  2. Hey, you're the guy looking at the dirty pictures, not me.

  3. You’re a pathetic liar, Sparkles. And this latest shtick of yours is fooling exactly nobody.

    1. Hey, you're the one who was whining that people wanted you to give up Jerry Lee Lewis last week and defended the pedophilia of Gore Vidal against criticism of his pedophilia. Not to mention Woody. That's not shtick, that's, as Carla Bley put it, not just sitting taking abuse but putting it to use. You and Duncan's "brain trust" provide me with material, Simps, I'm going to use it.

    2. Oh, and in case you didn't get it, you chumped yourself.