Saturday, December 2, 2017

Subpoena Jill Stein And Other High Up Green Republican-fascist Assets

That billionaire giveaway, cum kill the poor, cum, drill the arctic, cum make Susan Collins governor, etc. bill proves that it's totally gloves off time.  I want everyone on the pseudo-left who either tried or assisted in creating this nightmare to pay.  

If they haven't done it yet, I hope that Robert Mueller and his team subpoena Jill Stein and other high ups in the Green Party fraud to see what their ties with the Putin crime regime are.  It's clear there's something there or she wouldn't have so prominently been sitting across the table from Putin and Flynn and the rest of the rogues gallery at that RT reward banquet.   

I have been coming to suspect that the Green Party may have been a neo-Soviet asset for some time now, I'd like to know what ties could be uncovered because of the effect they've had in destroying American Democracy.   

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