Friday, December 1, 2017

Sleazy Susan

I have been telling people who have been buying Susan Collins' "moderate" PR snowe job for only slightly less long than I've told people the same about Olympia Snowe that, she's a fraud.  Now that she's done a 180, turn and is about to vote to kill the ACA by voting for the Republican billionaire tax bonanza on the flimsiest of pretexts, it's time to call a sleaze a sleaze. 

Susan Collins has always been the beneficiary of the virtual complete Republican control of the Maine media, including allegedly public radio and most of the newspapers, she has also benefitted from the habits of Mainers to want to think well of politicians, especially those you're supposed to think well of because your radio and TV tell you they're "moderate".

Susan Collins is going to vote to kick at least 13 million people off of their health insurance, drastically raise the cost of many millions more, raise the taxes of the poorest so the richest can reap a bountiful harvest from the money they've given Republican politicians.  She is a sleaze, she has always been a sleaze, it's just that now, at the end of her Senatorial career, as she mounts an attempt to become Governor of Maine, she wants that donor money to pull the wool over the eyes of those she is voting to rob.  She has the thinnest of excuses, guarantees from Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump.  She might be able to fool a lot of people but everything about her stinks with hypocrisy and mendacity as she does it.  What I said about the results of the media selling people on lies, Maine and the career of Susan Collins is a microcosm of that.  She's gotten too used to figuring that she and the Republican controlled Maine media can fool enough of The People all the time.  She's hoping the shit won't hit the fan before she is in the Blaine House, I hope she's wrong about that, finally. 

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