Friday, September 1, 2017

Just Found Out About It - I Was Saying Charlie Hebdo Was An A-Hole Before Saying Charlie Hebdo Was An A-Hole Was Cool

I'm sure there will be more to say about it later, but I was telling its instant fan base two years ago that the people who ran Charlie Hebdo were a bunch of assholes.  The current dust up about its cover celebrating the drowning of Houston, or, as the ignorant scum think Texas as drowning "Nazis" is produced by people who wouldn't care that a large number, probably a majority of those who are victims of the flooding are exactly the same groups targeted by American Nazis, Latinos, Black People, members of other ethnic minorities and many White People who are victims, now, of both American Nazis and Charlie Hebdo.  Nor that Harris County voted for Hillary Clinton, not Trump and it voted for Barack Obama both times.   

Charlie Hebdo is an awful, unfunny bigoted rag run by ignorant, chauvinistic bigots who couldn't possibly care less about who gets hurt as long as they sell their toilet paper publication.  

Update:  This says that the grim and rising death count was at 40 when it was published, I can't bring myself to keep up with that.  That's what Charlie Hebdo was celebrating on its cover.   I wonder if PEN is reconsidering the honors they bestowed on the shitrag when 10 of their people got killed .

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