Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The New York Times Wants To Set Up The War Criminal Erik Prince As Regent of Afghanistan

For anyone who thinks that the New York Times, its editors, its publisher, the goddamned Sulzberger family and many of its writers and, especially, its editorial page writers are anything but a bunch of pimps for plutocracy should consider the fact that they gave war criminal Erik Prince space to advertise the idea of making him Regent of Afghanistan, giving his criminal private army what will become, no doubt, a free hand in establishing his control of the country.   It doesn't say that but that's what it means. 

The New York Times, the Great Gray Drab which did perhaps as much to get Trump elected through its smear job against Hillary Clinton for the past quarter of a century is and has been one of the biggest frauds in real terms of those institutions which are supposed to be buttresses of liberal democracy.   It is now an institution which, if you suspect it has gone as low as it can go, is about to go lower than that.  

This is the kind of thing which the United States broke away from Britain for, that the fucking New York Times can have that kind of piece in it in 2017 shows what a lie that has been, the pretense of the United States being better than that, just one of the many aspirations, like equal justice under the law, the equal endowment with rights, the moral responsibility to respect those, which the rich, the powerful and the media that is owned by the rich, like the Sulzbergers will always do their best to ensure it is just one more of those dreams of democracy to be perpetually deferred.

In the past I might have given a link to the atrocity, but my policy is that I don't give links to people trying to turn the United States into a plutocratic fascist state.   

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