Sunday, May 14, 2017

Moldy Old Mop Heads

Why are you trying to entice me into saying something about those old Mop Heads?   Yeah, yeah, you want me to have another fight over them.  I pass.   Search for the term "mop" or "imagine" for past fun on this blog. Such as it was. 

The most interesting thing you can say about them is nothing because everything that can be said about them has already been said about as many times as their songs have appeared on pop radio.  And if you didn't catch that, Simps is still saying those things.  A link will not be provided. 

And most of that was PR hype. 

They do not interest me. The best is silence. 

Now, if you wanted to talk about Escalator Over The Hill, that's a different story. 

Update:  I'd forgotten that I once called him "the high hipster of the hip replacement age cohort", which isn't bad.  Thanks for reminding me of that. 

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