Wednesday, May 17, 2017

H. R. McMaster As Sacrosanct Even As He Lies To Support Trump's Treason

All I will say to the piece on NPR I just heard, Rachel Martin giving Retired Lt. Col. John Nagl a chance to wax emotional and cloyingly romantic about the disgraceful dissembling of H. R. McMaster in defense of the criminal Donald Trump, is bull shit.   

He's propping up a Republican regime because he's a Republican.  Obviously, with the spectacle of the Republicans in the Congress and elsewhere, they have put party way before country, even if they're military men under oath to do just that.  For crying out loud, Mike Flynn was a general in the Army and he was one of the main players in the corruption and treason.  

In this disaster a real man of integrity would have quit, stating why, publicly before he'd have done what McMaster and other such empty suits as Rod Rosenstein have done over the past two weeks. 

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