Thursday, May 18, 2017

Getting Hard To Keep Up With The Trump Scandals

The Trump treason scandal is reaching the stage where it has the strength to take down Mike Pence.  Now that we know that not only Barack Obama, Sally Yates and others were warning Trump and his transition that he was under investigation as a Russian agent, Flynn told them that, himself, well before the inauguration AND THEY MADE HIM NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER AFTER HE TOLD THEM THAT!

Now Mike Pence is claiming he knew nothing about that even though he was in charge of the transition.  That is simply not credible.  It might be credible if you figured Pence was even stupider than his record would indicate, it is not credible that he wouldn't know about such a flashing red light of danger when those were going off all around the Flynn presence in the campaign and inner circle.

My guess is that Pence knew about the warnings well before March when he claims he first knew, I would bet you that he knew before the inauguration and that he also knew Donald Trump wanted his buddy Mike Flynn as National Security Adviser.   I'm prepared to speculate that Trump may have been under order from his owners to put another major asset like Flynn in that position and that the idiot didn't really understand what he was doing.

I think Mike Pence has Spiro Agnew written all over him and I wouldn't be at all surprised if he might not go before Trump does.  I don't really think it's better to have Paul Ryan as president than it would be to have Trump or Pence there, it might be more dangerous but as these revelations keep mounting up, I strongly suspect that we could see Paul Ryan as president which would complete the disaster that 2016 brought to fruition.

With Donald Trump we are seeing a level of criminality and treason which only Democrats have ever been accused of, on the basis of nothing but Republican lies.   The hypocrisy of all of them is stunning, minus a few stray Republicans in the Senate and Congress, and as that list gets longer the more of them will just be rats fleeing down the rat line.  I think I would mark the start of that phase with Susan Collins, her defection is either a sign that she realizes her opposition won't matter or that she'd better get out while the getting is good.  The time for getting out of it was back when Ben Sasse was about the only one who had.   I did notice that NPR was featuring him, I think they see him as the future of the party they push, after the rubble of the Trump implosion settles.  NPR is another reliable Republican dolt meter.  When they stop having on the obvious Republican flacks and have on the more subtle ones, you'll know that it's the end that even the official DC establishment isn't denying.

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  1. The Flynn revelation is not a " smoking gun," but it is a very clear indication of collusion.

    Clear enough, anyway.