Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I Will Not Pretend That McMaster Was Not Lying By Pretending To Believe His Deceptive Wording

When the crimes are as serious as those which Donald Trump his crime family and their gang of thieves have committed  a "non-denial denial" can't be gone along with even to the extent of noting it was "technically true".   We don't have to conduct our public lives and our politics on the basis of the sleaziest kind of lawyerly mincing of words. 

McMaster issued a transparent lie Monday night which even the Republican enabling media immediately noted was a lie, then he did it the next day at an idiotically called press conference where he didn't even do it as well as he had the first time.  

Honorable people do not do this at times when things aren't as seriously bad as they are right now.  I don't take a word of what I said back.   Trump is going down and he might well take down Mike Pence, as well.  Not to mention any number of others.  

I think the only question now is how shameless and bold he will be in issuing preemptive pardons or having Pence do it for him. The Constitution should have limited the power of presidents to pardon members of their own administration and associates after Gerald Ford's unconscionable pardoning of Richard Nixon.  It's possible for Trump to pardon scores or hundreds of his crime associates.  I wouldn't put it past him to do so.  I wouldn't put it past Pence or Paul Ryan or any other Republican in the direct line of presidential succession.  That has to change. 

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