Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Wits of Eschaton

R. McGeddon, Kleptokakistocrat  LimeRickey • an hour ago
Has Little Gloves or Spicer talked about moving Jews to Arizona yet?

Riffing off of what Simps has said about yours truly, at Duncan's Daycare for Adults in Diapers.

Maybe "R. McGeddon" doesn't remember that a few years back, he had an idea of where Jews belonged.

Which is what inspired Simp's witticism about a "homeland for Gypsies" in.... what was his witty idea,  Oh, yeah.

Update:  Hey, maybe I should have called it The Half-Wits of Eschaton.

Update 2:  That's so flaccid it doesn't even deserve a new limerick, here's one of my recent ones.

While formerly sprinkled with wits
But now such have all called it quits,
Baby Blue fades to dun, can
It be other spun than
Eschaton's a collection of eejits. 

Update 3:  I'm not surprised, he got this started by figuring other ethnic groups were inferior.  He's got a lot in common with Pam Geller.

Update 4:  How like him, he's really a racist coward who figures the natives of the region are cowards against all proof.   If it weren't fashionable for lefties to be pro-Muslim, except when it's fashionable to be anti-Muslim, he'd sound just like Geller.

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