Sunday, April 9, 2017

Tal Hurwitz - Suita Lirica

Ögmundur þór Jóhannesson, guitar 

A few years back I posted a video of the Israeli guitarist Tal Hurwitz playing one of Leo Brouwer's sonatas.  I hadn't known until recently that he's also a composer.  And a pretty good one if the few things I've been able to listen to are any indication.  It's good to see how many ways of making sound on stretched strings the young composers for guitar are incorporating in their basic compositional resources.  The results can be very good music. 

Update: Simps is trying to bait me with this.  I went and looked at his pop-music themed blog to see how many Israeli artists he's posted there and am coming up with none.  I'm sure he'll let me know if that's wrong.  If he doesn't within the hour I'd say it's a near 100% certainly he hasn't.  I know I've posted several fine artists here (I wonder what Tali Rubinstein is doing these days, I'll have to remember to check), as well as the Israel Philharmonic.  And that's just off the top of my head.   I can't remember if I posted music that Stefan Wolpe wrote while he was there.  Maybe I'll look if I have time.  

Maybe his blog is restricted.  I thought that went out in the 60s.  Well, that's where his head is pretty well stuck, he's always been ass backward. 

Update 2:  That's what you came up with, Simps?  Two pieces of American kitsch?   Where are the Israeli performers you've posted on your blog?  That's what the issue was.   What makes me suspect you were a late reader?  

Update 3:   Well, Simps has been spewing spam at me for well over an hour now, he still hasn't mentioned any Israeli performers he's posted about on his blog.  Yet he's trying to bait me over this post which is a good review of Tal Hurwitz, a very fine composer and guitarist who is from Israel.  

Simps is a poopy putz. 

Update 4:  Here are the time stamps from Simp's spam tantrum. starting with last night
steve simels
at 9:32 PM
steve simels
at 2:25 PM
steve simels
at 2:47 PM
steve simels
at 2:48 PM
steve simels
at 3:50 PM
Before the one that denies he's been spewing spam at me for over an hour 
steve simels
at 3:51 PM

Apparently he doesn't not only know how time works, he doesn't know how a clock works.  I've posted the one from last night, just to show it's there.  I might leave it up.  If he makes too much of a fuss, I'll just post them all.

Later:  He's still at it. The geezer is OCD with more issues than weird Al Portnoy 

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  1. Hey Sparkles -- I have a great idea. Let's give Syria to the Palestinians.

    It's got to be far more easy than giving Arizona to the Jews.