Friday, April 14, 2017

More To Keep You Up Nights

It came to me last night as I was watching a video of Carter Page who he reminded me of, the constant grin that can't even be wiped off by him admitting to stuff that could get him a long prison term, him obviously knowing that the person he's talking to knows he's lying his head off, saying stupid stuff.... I wish I could find a video clip of the brilliant performance the great Canadian actor Colm Feore did of the character of the con-artist psychopath Sanjay in the great Canadian series Slings And Arrows* but the similarities are stunning, though Feore co-created the character more than a decade before anyone heard of Carter Page

Well, now that he can't rule out that he was engaged in something like espionage or something as a Russian agent, maybe Page will end up where Sanjay did in the series, in jail.  I wonder if prison will wipe the idiot grin off of his face.  

But there is far more troubling stuff brewing among the socio- and psychopaths of the Republican-fascist Party, Politico reports that Trump seems to be transferring his affections from Steve Bannon to another of them who reminds me of a movie character, Goebbels in Der Untergang, Stephen Miller.

President Donald Trump once affectionately called them “my two Steves,” a reference not only to their ideological kinship but to their central role in his administration.

But while Steve Bannon is on the ropes in Trump’s fractious White House, Stephen Miller has managed to endear himself to the man emerging as the president’s most indispensable adviser: son-in-law Jared Kushner.

As the relationship between Kushner and Bannon has deteriorated, Miller has made sure his colleagues know he’s not on Bannon’s team. In interviews, seven White House officials described the emerging dynamics.

The 31-year-old speechwriter is now working closely with Kushner’s Office of American Innovation, as well as on family leave, child care and women’s issues with Kushner’s wife, Ivanka Trump, according to several people involved.

Miller, who wrote Trump’s fiery “American carnage” inaugural address, continues to work on the president’s speeches but takes direction from others on their tone. He’s also begun working on energy and regulatory issues, while focusing less on immigration, the issue about which he’s long been most passionate.

With the news of Jared Kushner being in hot water for not disclosing his foreign contacts on his application to get a security clearance and rumors that several European countries may release information that Ivanka and her brothers have done some serious law breaking, the idea that Stephen Miller might be the next option for Trump's closest advisor - in other words the de-facto president, certainly can't be a good thing.  Miller is so bad that one outing on the Sunday morning chat shows sent up warning signs.  I wasn't the only one who was reminded of Goebbels by it, the man is a psychotic-drooling, strong-man asserting fascist.

With Trump having found the key to the gun drawer and dropping bombs as a means of trying to get nice coverage from the always war mongering cabloids, I can't think of anything more dangerous. Mike Pence will likely be more effective at doing evil domestically, but something has to be done to get Trump out of office and fast.  It's turning a lot uglier and more irrational a lot faster than I expected.  I won't go into whether or not I think Jeff Zucker would risk WWIII to get CNN's ratings up but I don't have any reason that he or Murdoch would care if a few hundred thousands or so died to get them a few percentages more of the share.  And they're to Trump what Karl Rove was to George W.

*  If you never saw Slings and Arrows, you are missing one of the best things ever shown on TV anywhere. The acting, the writing, the direction and sets, etc. are great.  And it's pretty hilarious.

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