Friday, April 14, 2017

Apparently You Can Be Kewl If You Make Jokes About The Holocaust But You Can't Quote Orwell

I'm told that that last quote I put up last night showed that I was, let me see, how did he put it.... "deeply, profoundly sick".

Apparently I was wrong, people with a kollege edukation didn't recognize it as a passage from George Orwell's 1984, which was his prediction as to where modern culture was headed.  I would have thought the date on the diary entry would have been a dead giveaway.   

I'd say that he predicted a culture in which people could claim that you could turn the Holocaust into a topic of stand up comedy or, really, anything into the such, quite accurately.  And, perhaps more impressively, predicted  that in such a culture someone who stood up for some standard of morality would be considered declasse.   I've got my differences with Orwell but he got that exactly on mark. 

I think that is an inevitable result of materialist secularism in which, eventually, by process of gradual erosion and extension of commercial opportunity, nothing is sacred.  Not even the most extreme victims of injustice.  Everything becomes available for the amusement of the bored and amoral in the manner of a gladiatorial contest or the sacrifice of the helpless.   Such people are not and likely never were liberals.  They are the kind of people who think like Winston Smith did when he wrote that.  I suspect they've got more in common with the character than they'd ever like to believe.  Rewriting history, you know. 

Update:  To prove the point about them rewriting history, "Of course I knew it was Orwell, you nit. That doesn't change the fact that for you it was like porn." 

I posted the comment.  It's clear he didn't recognize the comment or he wouldn't have said what he did.  I bet he read the Cliff Notes and not the book, if that much.  And it's clear that what Orwell was writing about was exactly the phenomenon that motivated these posts.  


  1. Of course I knew it was Orwell, you nit. That doesn't change the fact that for you it was like porn.

  2. Anybody else know anybody as un-self-aware as our pal Sparkles?

  3. "Sure, I knew that."

    Well, obviously....