Thursday, February 9, 2017

"You're stupid .... Marxism is the opposite of fascism"

NO!  I'm not buying that Marxist bull shit anymore.  The most important feature of any political system, of any political theory or any government IS THE READINESS IT HAS TO KILL PEOPLE, ENSLAVE PEOPLE, OPPRESS PEOPLE AND ITS READINESS TO ACCEDE TO THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE THAT IT GIVE UP POWER.   Any babble about what they're going to do with the economic system either ideally or as a five-year-plan is just talk, a huge mound of corpses is as real as a huge mound of corpses.  Marxism has been given the test of time and it proved itself as capable as Nazism and fascism and capitalism in making that pile enormous.   The murders of Marxists and the total willingness of Marxists in the West to cover up or disregard that pile in the scores of millions tells anyone everything they need to know about the reality of Marxism and its moral degeneracy as do those of the Nazis and fascists and capitalists just as it did the old style imperialists.

If you want more proof, look at how the Russian Communist establishment morphed into a white-supremacist, neo-fascist system under the crudest of kleptocratic capitalism and is probably now the strongest force behind the resurgence of white-supremacist, neo-fascist and neo-Nazi attacks on egalitarian democracy in the United States, Europe and elsewhere.  Look at how easy it was for a Trotskyite like Christopher Hitchens to go hard-core neo-con following a long and well traveled road from pseudo-left to far right, a trail broken by Marxists, both Trot and Stalinist starting in the 1930s if not earlier.  You can look at the Hitler-Stalin pact and the abrut U-turn that many a putative lefty hero of the time did from vehement anti-Hitlerite to sounding like a Republican businessman more than willing to do business with Hitler to returning anti-Hitler after Hitler invaded Russian territory.  I don't think even Pearl Harbor with the Nazis declaring war on the United States would have gotten them to make that turn if he and Stalin were still making nice with each other.

No, Marxism was a huge con-job, American liberals, too many of them insecure about the American tradition of liberalism bought it and the complete burden of the Marxists.  The dead weight of Marxism is still on us in the writing class that still gets printed in the lefty press.  Out of curiosity, as I was deciding to answer you,  I went to In These Times, The Nation, etc. and saw that in many cases the same writers who spent the election cycle attacking and undercutting the chances of Hillary Clinton are now lecturing Democrats on how it's their fault that they can't stop Trump.   Marxists can all go to hell as far as I'm concerned, any left that is going to work will dump them right now.

Update:  If the price of honesty about the real nature of Marxism is that it would make someone who remembers who the hell Lester Cole was and who pretends he was a great instead of a hack Hollywood writer unhappy, I'm more than willing to pay that price to be honest.  If the price is for you to try to associate myself with my distant cousin from the part of my family we never mentioned or talked to, Joseph McCarthy,  it's not going to keep me from telling the truth, either.

Anyone who was OK with Stalin murdering Ukrainians, Russians, Poles, Mongolians (he killed lots and lots of them) etc. they're the equivalent of Nazi lovers who are OK with Hitler killing Jews as well as many of the same groups Stalin did.  Including Jews, no matter what people like Alexander Cockburn claimed.  I've mentioned the "Doctor's Plot", I haven't gone far into "The night of the murdered poets" but I will someday.  I don't overlook genocides based on economic theories mouthed by the mass murderers .

Update 2:  You know, I could write a long list of Communists from the early ones like Max Eastman and the total shit head Benjamin Gitlow who went from being the reddest of the red to being full blown crypto-fascists who were some of the most opportunistic and fiercest Red Scare figures of the 1950s and beyond,  it's funny but I can't remember the names of any prominent commies who abandoned Marxism for egalitarian democracy.  No doubt there may have been a few but the ones I know about went right from Marxism to fascism with one tiny little baby step.  You'd think if democracy were somewhere in the middle some of them might have at least temporarily put a toe in it for a while.   If you want to chart political identity on a line egalitarian democracy is at the polar opposite and is the most radical as opposed to non-democratic, non-egalitarian systems which aren't based on the consent of the governed.  That egalitarian democracy, NOT the aristocratic republican system the original Constitution laid out is the real alternative to the fascist-Nazi-Marxist end of that chart.  Containing both aristocratic privilege, slavery, excluding women, Black and other people of color and the unpropertied majority it is closer to fascism than the egalitarian democracy that today's Republican-fascists are trying to destroy.

Update 3:  No, dopey, the United States originally declared war on Japan December 8, 1941, after Pearl Harbor.  Fascist Japan and the Nazis had a pact that led to the Nazis declaring war on the United States on December 11.  The Nazis put Germany in a state of war against the United States as a result of that,  The United States declaring war on Germany several hours after the Nazi Reichstag declared war on us.

I'd suggest that looking stuff up works but only if you do.  But that would clearly be a waste of my time.

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