Wednesday, February 8, 2017

In The Past Year I've Come To Understand This Is The Real Alternative To Corporate-Consumer Fascism

“Breaking the Silence”. We live in a world in which market forces and the socio-political structures they create present themselves as the only viable system, silencing all alternative conversations. Dr. Brueggemann analyzes how the prophets broke through the domineering structures of their day to bring a message of judgment and hope. Dr. Brueggemann applies the lessons of the prophets to the challenges of our day.


  1. Translation: Only by accepting Jesus Christ as your lord and savior can we defeat Trump.

  2. Come to Jeebus will save us from Republicans? Damn -- why didn't anybody think of that before?

  3. First, Brueggemann talked mostly about the Hebrew scriptures, almost exclusively and Rabbi Nahum Ward-Lev in the same series of discussions made pretty much the same points he did so, as always, you don't know what you're talking about.

    As for who thought of it before that, Brueggemann mentioned Abraham Joshua Heschel, friend and associate of The Reverend Martin Luther King jr. I suppose if I wanted to take the time I could make a list that went back to the prophets. Obviously the point of the discussion you didn't listen to as you gassed on as ignorantly as you always do is that it has been presented as an alternative since the original documents were written down.

    You, Simps, are a true ass.

  4. Translation: Believe in the invisible sky being or else Trump forever.

    1. What, too Jewish for you?

      I knew you couldn't read, you translate even worse.