Friday, February 10, 2017

No, Duncan And His Mendacious Douche Bags Aren't My Favorites

Well, the problem is that unlike Simels and "Skeptic Tank" and several other of Duncan Black's stupider regulars, I'm not a racial supremacist, I'm an equality absolutist.  That's why Simps simply cannot understand my point.  I refuse to ignore genocide campaigns against people he resents being considered because he doesn't consider them important enough to notice when they get murdered. The others don't because, as is typical of the rump Eschaton community, they don't bother to read anything before they gas on in ignorance.   As always, it's a matter of who they figure appertains to them and who it's temporarily stylish to care about.

The Holocaust Museum certainly doesn't have that policy, apparently Simels and his buddies think those guys at the Holocaust Museum are Holocaust deniers for that consideration of the full range of those murdered by Nazism and even extend their concern to other genocides of the past and today. Oh, and, yeah, according to Simps, apparently they don't get what the Holocaust was all about, either.

As I mentioned yesterday morning, that's something that many atheists have a hard time seeing, that it isn't OK for some people to get killed depending on who they are and who does the killing.  The Stalinists like Lester Cole who were to Stalin what the American fans of Hitler and his genocide were to Hitler, but because one was a commie and the other a Nazi, is supposed to make Cole a hero.   Stalin was murdering lots of people, including Jews, while Cole and others were supporting him, as I pointed out the other day Mao was murdering millions while Sartre and de Beauvoir and many an American lefty were Maoists.  As Stalin was torturing and murdering Jews in the early years of his anti-Jewish pogrom the god-less-father of neo-atheism and trust-fund multi-millionaire, Corliss Lamont was scribbling pamphlets encouraging Americans to consider adopting Stalinism here.   And since Lester Cole, hack Hollywood writer, got hauled before HUAC as part of the legendary Hollywood 10 we're supposed to ignore that he supported a mass murderer with a higher body count than Hitler's over a longer period of time.

Materialists always, always, when put to the test, will come to the position that some murders are OK as long as it's the right materialist-atheists who are doing the killing for the right atheist-materialist ideology.

Someone a few days back complained that I wanted to see Eschaton disappear. Well, considering it's a place where I'm libeled most days of the year,  you might ask yourself just why that might be.   I used to think it would be really bad if the baby-blue blog disappeared, before about 2007.  Now I don't see how there could be any down side to that happening.   Duncan Black is a lazy putz who is milking a quite small and long past glory of sorts.  As the great Senator Al Franken said about Ted Cruz when he was asked about him, "I don't like him".

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