Saturday, February 11, 2017

Really, These Guys Have A Lot In Common With Donald Trump Their Propensity To Lie Is The Giveaway


  1. Translation: The Holocaust wasn't about the Jews. And neither was the Spanish Inquisition, despite the fact that Charles Darwin wouldn't be born until a few centuries after it.


    1. A stupid man's report of what a clever man says can never be accurate, because he unconsciously translates what he hears into something he can understand.
      Bertrand Russell

      Only Russell apparently assumed his stupid man could, at least, read, which you obviously can't.

      Let me guess, Simps, your elementary school was one of the early ones to institute automatic social promotion. Apparently literacy wasn't a requirement at C. W. Post in your time, either.
    Update:  After a while it's just a waste of time to do anything other than note that Simels and his audience at Duncan's Eschaton blog  don't care about the truth.   Simps and others there have been really big on the Trumpian style of "alternative facts" well before Kellyanne Conjob named them.   I've been pointing out they're liars for more than a decade, now.  Duncan, meanwhile, wants you to buy stuff from Amazon so he can get his cut.   I wonder what those who thought the boy had promise back in the Media Whores Online period think of him now. Duncan needs to dry out. 
Update 2:  Duncan's blog community is brain dead, that's what you can trust about them.  They feed each other regurgitated lies like some flock of birds in a nightmare.   He's fine with that.  I wonder if The Horse quit when she realized her protege was a putz. 


  1. You're not a clever man, Sparky. You're a bigot with delusions of grandeur, and you need help.

    You also need to find a new hobbyhorse to ride. I suggest you get on anti-fluoridation; I hear it's the coming thing.

  2. And speaking of Donald Trump -- you do know that his administration took a position on the Holocaust (no Jews need apply) that is 100 percent the same as yours.