Thursday, January 12, 2017


I'm still feeling poorly.   What's going around here is really bad.  I'm really worried about my extremely, morbidly obese neighbor (I'd guess she might weigh at least 500 lb).   She's got it and looks like she's at death's door.  I'm the one who regularly checks up on her.  I'm afraid of her collapsing when I'm alone with her, I wouldn't be able to do much but stay with her till the ambulance came and I'm not sure they could handle her.  I don't even know what to tell them if I have to call. Should I tell them how big she is?   I think I have to. 

I really hate what the corporate food industry and media has done to this country almost as much as I hate what the alcohol, tobacco and fire arms industries have done to it.   Our legal system leaves us at their mercy, allowing them to exploit our weaknesses and appetites, scientifically trying to determine how best to get around our morality and reason.  TV is in on it too.  

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