Sunday, January 8, 2017

Hate Mail - I Prefer Music Made By People Who Don't Call Themselves Folkies

Last year, or maybe the year before that, someone sent me a Youtube of one of the old big-time folkies being interviewed.  I listened to it and realized that the guy was a total bore and blowhard, like the kind of drunk barroom philosophers who get loaded and want to get attention by making categorical declarations that everyone is stupid.   Again, I refer you to The Iceman Cometh in which that role is given to the eternally drunk Hugo Kalmar.  Quite often those I've run across are the stupidest of play-lefties, the kind who haven't quite gotten around to getting their I.W.W. card or, if they did, they waved it as proudly as the stupidest wannabee, phony Vietnam vet who conned their way into the American Legion and waved the flag by flapping their drunken lips,  and to about the same effect.  

I'd never heard of Eric Bogle before you sent me that link and, listening to the dolt, I'm looking forward to forgetting his name.  You guys always go for the cheap point against the easy targets, you never come up with anything that's going to change anything.  It wasn't the friggin' folkies who got anything done, that was the Black Church people who put their lives on the line, over and over again. Walter Brueggemann is a lot easier to take and actually has ideas that might lead to some kind of change.  

I prefer real folk music to singer-songwriter junk, anyway.  

If I want to hear a sermon I'd rather hear one by someone who isn't stupid.  The music in church is likely to be better, too. 

Update:  Note to Simps,  I'm not going to post your stupidest comments anymore.  They're stupid.   They all are but the stupidest ones aren't even useful for pointing that out. 


  1. Wow -- you're criticizing a guy who lived in Scotland and later Australia his entire life for not doing as much for the American Civil Rights movement as the Black Churches.

    Apparently this is what passes for logic and historical analysis in Sparky Land.

    1. Wow, you're so stupid you can't distinguish between a general point and a specific instance.

      So, how much did the folkie do to counter Aussie racism and fascism?

      Is everyone who frequents Eschaton except Derbes and Echidne as stupid as you are these days? Someone told me that even Gromit dropped out.

      Harry Hope's Bar is the most brilliant analysis of the futility of the atheist play left ever written. That's the reason I have to cite it so often. You, though, aren't Larry, you're more the Curly who was left out of the play.

  2. Larry and Curly? What happened to Moe, Sparky?

    Ignorant, philistine and not knowing the difference between 3 and soup is no way to go through life, son.

    1. Oh, dear, do I have to be the one who has to point out that there is a "Moe" there? Or are you so self-absorbed you haven't noticed him?

  3. Moe? Really?


    Harry Hope – Widowed proprietor of the saloon and rooming house where the play takes place. He has a tendency to give free drinks, though he constantly says otherwise
    Ed Mosher – Hope's brother-in-law (brother of Hope's late wife Bess), a con-man and former circus man
    Pat McGloin – Former police lieutenant who was convicted on criminal charges and kicked off the force
    Willie Oban – Harvard Law School alumnus
    Joe Mott – Former proprietor of a gambling house
    General Piet Wetjoen – Former leader of a Boer commando
    Captain Cecil Lewis – Former Captain of British infantry
    James Cameron "Jimmy Tomorrow" – Former Boer War correspondent who is constantly daydreaming about getting his old job back again tomorrow (hence his nickname)
    Hugo Kalmar – Former editor of anarchist periodicals who often quotes the Old Testament
    Larry Slade – Former syndicalist-anarchist
    Rocky Pioggi – Night bartender, who is paid little and makes his living mostly by allowing Pearl and Margie to stay at the bar in exchange for a substantial cut of all the money they make from prostitution, he despises being called a pimp
    Don Parritt – Teenager, son of a former anarchist
    Pearl – Street walker working for Rocky
    Margie – Street walker working for Rocky
    Cora – Street walker, Chuck's girlfriend
    Chuck Morello – Day bartender, Cora's boyfriend
    Theodore "Hickey" Hickman – Hardware salesman
    Moran – Police detective
    Lieb – Police detective

    1. You're really not very mentally nimble, are you. Or do you imagine someone is going to hire you for the first all-senile-jackass casting of Iceman Cometh?

      You're never going to get a bigger role than the one you play at Duncan Dopes' Bar