Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Being A Pathological Liar Generates Its Own Ironies

I just thought of it being an enormous irony that Simps tried to get into it with me over Nat Hentoff, using one of his frequently wielded and totally ineffective tools, my Irish surname.  I had forgotten what I'm sure he never knew, that Nat Hentoff credited his career to being hired by one of my mother's great heroines, the Boston-Irish woman who made a career out of exposing racism and anti-Semitism, who almost got excommunicated by going after the awful Cardinal O'Connell for not speaking out forcefully against it.  I'm talking about the largely forgotten Frances Sweeney.   I've got to go to an appointment or I wouldn't resort to the short bio of her at Wikipedia, as far as I can tell, it's accurate.

Frances Sweeney (c. 1908 – June 19, 1944) was a journalist and activist who campaigned against fascism, antisemitism, and political corruption in 1940s Boston. She edited her own newspaper, the Boston City Reporter, and started the Boston Herald Rumor Clinic to combat fascist disinformation. Seeking to counteract the influence of the priest Charles Coughlin, whose antisemitic broadcasts were popular with Boston's Irish Catholics, she led protests and wrote editorials condemning the Christian Front and similar organizations. She was secretary of the American-Irish Defense Association of Boston and vice chairman of the Massachusetts Citizens' Committee for Racial Unity. A Catholic herself, Sweeney was threatened with excommunication when she criticized Cardinal O'Connell for his silence on Catholic antisemitism.

 Hentoff dedicated his memoir to her memory.   Like I said, I didn't like Hentoff but he wasn't a compulsive liar.

Update:  Three sentences saying something they never thought before is too much information for the rump of regulars at Eschaton.   Duncan tried it and found they couldn't read it.

Update 2:  I would imagine anyone who comes here to read who I would care about already has all the proof they need that Steve Simels is an ignorant, stupid and not very nimble liar so I won't bother with that demonstration any more.  Anyone at Eschaton, where he proves it daily, who doesn't know that is even stupider than he is.  

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