Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dusan Bogdanovic - Levantine Suite

The guitarist isn't listed.  Interesting that he notated some of it on two staves.  I'm not sure I ever saw that before.


  1. "I would say that the majority
    of real hatred against Jews I've read casually flung about and casually
    accepted by alleged liberals is done by atheists"

    You're so right, Sparky. The Spanish Inquisition was totally the work of atheists.

    1. Oh, yeah, Simps, everyone knows how often alleged liberals spout support for the Spanish Inquisition. I'll say, because I'm sure you only know the phrase "Spanish Inquisition" and not much else about it, as it ended before 1850 I missed hearing anything from it by about a century. And it was hardly what it was by that time.

      I did, though, live during the time of Stalin's Jewish Doctor's pogrom which ended, thankfully, because he died in his own filth before he could kill as many as he was still fully capable of killing.

      Apparently some people come here to see me kick your ass, over and over again. Who am I to deprive my audience of that pleasure? You are such an idiot.