Friday, January 13, 2017

Andrew Hill - Refuge

Andrew Hill (Piano)
Richard Davis (Bass)
Anthony Williams (Drums)
Eric Dolphy (Flute, Alto Saxophone, Bass Clarinet)
Kenny Dorham (Trumpet)
Joe Henderson (Tenor Saxophone)

I'm really excited, I got my copy of Andrew Hill: 21 Piano Compositions.  I'm really going to need it to get through the next little while.   I'll take whatever refuges there are, right now.

Update:  I haven't read it yet but while I was looking for the link to the publishers listing, I came across this dissertation AN ANALYSIS OF SELECTED IMPROVISATIONS BY ANDREW HILL AND THE DEVELOPMENT OF PROGRESSIVE JAZZ PIANO, 1959-2005.  It's got some transcriptions of improvisations by the great Andrew Hill, one of the most neglected giants of American music.

Update 2:  Flight 19

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