Thursday, October 20, 2016

My Take Away From The Third Debate: Donald Trump Pinned Targets On Us All

You have to wonder how stunningly irresponsible, how stunningly, epically, dangerously irresponsible Donald Trump, his running mate, Mike Pence, his supporters like Rudy Giuliani have to be before the media stops being stunned by it.  It's not as if Donald Trumps most deranged threat against American democracy yet, his "just wait" answer to whether or not he would accept the results of the election, comes out of the blue.   It's the cream of a Republican talking point which has been pushed ever since the ink was dry on the Voting Rights Act.  It was the one of the first bricks in Richard Nixon's Southern Strategy to flip a major region of the country and elsewhere to Republicans.   And I don't mean when The Act was signed, I mean when it was first proposed.  It is a constant theme of white supremacists going back to Hollywood's epic act of endorsing white supremacy, Birth of a Nation in 1915.  The parties switched on white supremacy, though even in the 19th century is was never nation-wide for Democrats what Republicans have made of it in the modern era, beginning after the signing of the Voting Rights Act.   There has been absolutely no rational question but that the two issues have been welded together by over a hundred years of propaganda.  

Only, the Republicans - the only party in the modern era to have taken the presidency as a result of a plainly corrupted election in Florida in 2000 - corrupted by the Jeb Bush administration of that state and five Republican justices on the Supreme Court of the United States to put his brother in the Oval Office - have played both sides of election rigging, with the cooperation of the media, for their own benefit.   

In 2016 election rigging is a Republican policy, mostly by trying to keep Black people and members of other minority groups from voting.  That is as clear as it could possibly be.   Their most important tool in that effort has been the Republican media, hate-talk radio, FOX and the more flaccid repeaters of the "it's being said" racist lines.  

But Donald Trump, losing an election in which he should never have been a candidate, is taking the criminal irresponsibility of Republicans into new levels of danger.   Many of his most fanatical followers are clearly emotionally unstable people with automatic and what is euphemistically called "semi-automatic" guns.  Many of them are crazy people more heavily armed and better able to use them than the shooters in some of our most horrific scenes of mass carnage of the type we've become so corruptly inured to.   It is a certainty that there are people who support Donald Trump who are candidates to commit those kinds of acts around an election.   I did a little exercise asking if he had a million borderline supporters and one or half of one percent of them could be set off by his charging the election had been stolen by rigging, coming up with, 10,000 or 5,0000 possible mass killers.   What if it's a far smaller percent of very potential mass killers who he is talking to?   What do you think would happen if 2,500 or 1,000 or even 250 of them took their open carry or concealed carry weapons to a polling place or just a public plaza or shopping mall?   What if 10 did?   Do you think that some others might not think that this was their call to arms, their moment of "truth",   their imaginary, movie inspired last stand for what they call "freedom" or "justice" and take it as a call to arms?  

Would you want to bet on that being impossible?  Would you want to be in one of the places that is a real possibility - and who knows where the Trump nut who does it would be? 

I have a very dear niece who goes to school in Philadelphia, one of the cities Donald Trump has named as a place where the election will be "rigged".   I can't say how terrifying the prospect of her OR OTHER NIECES, NEPHEWS, SONS, DAUGHTERS, SISTERS, BROTHERS, MOTHERS FATHERS.... GETTING CAUGHT IN DONALD TRUMP'S OBVIOUSLY DESIRED IDEA OF GUN-FIRE GLORY IS.  

The Republican Party has been playing a series of increasingly immoral and irresponsible and entirely dangerous games with our elections for the past fifty-two years.  I can only imagine what the future holds even if we avoid what Trump is obviously trying to gin-up this time.   Eventually people are going to get killed, just as they did in the past when white-supremacists and other racists, bigots, crooks and gangsters did what they're doing and have been doing with the support of a majority of the media.  It's going to stop, if not before the huge catastrophe they've been building to, then in the aftermath when we have to face that this kind of thing can't be allowed to get as far as its gotten. Only a lot of people will die if we let it wait for that. 

Update:  Oh, Stupy and the Eschatots never really read what I wrote so whatever they say about it is just about 100% guaranteed to be wrong.   They're like Donald Trump citing a Pew study.  

Update 2:  If Der Ewige Jude had been made in Hollywood by a producer and director who spoke English they'd probably stick up for it, too.  As it is Birth of a Nation was the same kind of thing that targeted Black Americans by an English speaking director so they figure it's got an exemption from that kind of criticism because it's taught in film courses as great art.  Movie lit is written mostly by white guys so they don't care if it revived the moribund KKK. 

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  1. I remember Ted Koppel, back when he was still on TeeVee, interviewing Jon Stewart (also when Stewart was still on TeeVee) at the start of the GOP convention (Bush II's second, IIRC), and Stewart asked Koppel if he would report without comment on a speaker at the Convention who said Koppel was a drug mule.

    Koppel said he'd have no choice but to do so, and leave it to others to refute the lie. Stewart was gobsmacked, and couldn't get past it. Koppel, acting every bit the Media Brahmin, insisted he must do so to retain his purity as a "journalist."

    The biggest mistake we ever made was deciding "journalism" is a special class of activity with special "protections" available to special persons (usually employees of large media corporations). Anyone can be a "journalist," including James O'Keefe and Amy Goodman (both of whom have been in trouble with the law for their activities), and being a "journalist" is not a position of honor that awards you with certain privileges (absolute protection under the 1st Amendment for anything you do as a "journalist") and certain responsibilities (Goodman was charged with a criminal act for reporting on an event as she saw it. The charge was she was "partisan," and therefore no longer a "journalist." That didn't get anywhere, but it never should have been the basis for a criminal complaint in the first place.). The major responsibility, of course, being to be "objective," and carefully represent the "view from nowhere."

    Journalists should simply report the truth, such as the fact Donald Trump has the emotional and intellectual capacities of a spoiled 5 year old, and every word that comes out of his mouth is a lie. Hillary Clinton may prevaricate, may obfuscate, may get fuzzy with the truth; report that, too.

    But Trump is not only "not a politician," he's not fit to be among civil society. That fact is as obvious as the sunrise. But even if Trump called Ted Koppel a child molester and a pederast, Ted Koppel thinks he couldn't call Donald Trump a liar.

    Explain that one to me.