Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hate Mail - Liberals Have Been Played For The Biggest Patsies In History

You guys think you are friggin' geniuses but you're too stupid to see what's so blindingly obvious.   Before the Sullivan decision, if liberal politicians were libeled on local, state and national radio or TV or in print, they could sue.  And the people who owned and made money off of the media knew that. If the liberals they lied about won they could force a retraction and they could cause pain to the one who lied about them.   THAT HAD AN INHIBITING EFFECT ON OUTRIGHT LYING THAT WASN'T THERE AFTER THE SULLIVAN DECISION AND THE MEDIA STARTED LYING ABOUT LIBERALS.  Unsurprisingly, considering that, Nixon won the election after the Sullivan decision that he didn't win before it, and he was the beginning of the Republican-fascist ascendancy that we are still in.   If the Sullivan decision had not been issued, if it were possible for liberals to sue media liars, things would be a lot different.

If you point out that liberal media could have been sued for lying, two points I DON'T WANT THE FRIGGIN' "LIBERAL MEDIA" LYING EVEN WHEN DOPES LIKE YOU THINK THOSE LIES WOULD FAVOR US, REALITY IS REAL, LIES ONLY BENEFIT LIARS.  Second, the "liberal media" is a joke both in size and in political effect.  The best of it has nugatory effect, though it can have an effect when it promotes such stupid ideas as the idea that "our liars" are good liars.  

On top of that AS MENTIONED HERE CONTINUALLY SINCE THIS BLOG BEGAN, media deregulation has allowed them to lie about issues without having to present the refutation of those lies.   Media which did that before the Reagan administration could have lost its license to broadcast and it was the lying cabloid media that could get away with it.  And in the aftermath of the Reagan administration demolition of those obligations broadcast media went full cabloid just as the broadsheets went ever fuller tabloid.  And the increasingly conservative courts used the very language of the "free speech" industry to dismantle any obligations that the media had to not lie and to do other such things as give people accurate information in order for them to do things LIKE NOT VOTE FOR A FRAUDULENT AND DERANGED FASCIST DEMAGOGUE INVENTED AND PROMOTED BY THE DEREGULATED MEDIA.   

George Orwell would be continually shooting himself in the head if he could see how thoroughly and successfully propagandized and indoctrinated the alleged liberal class was when they were the primary victims of the regime of "free press-free speech" of the type bull-shit peddlers like Nat Hentoff and Joel Gora sold them on - both of them with financial and professional reasons to peddle the nonsense that has freed the media to create Donald Trump - and if Trump fails to both destroy a president Hillary Clinton or to prevent her having a full presidency just as it has Barack Obama and to replace her with another fascist demagogue such as also ran for the Republican nomination this year.  Cruz in 2020 Or Kaisich or any of the others will start being pushed by the very freed media as soon as the election is called.   And that is if their freed "press" in the form of hate-talk radio and the cabloid led TV media don't incite the civil war replay that the real and lasting beneficiaries of program of media libertarianism and such legal rulings as the Sullivan decision.   The very same judges and justices who made those decisions have also allowed the paranoid neo-fascists to amass what is, in effect, one of the largest arsenals held in the history of mankind.  Liberals would be entirely outgunned in a real, shooting war.   That's not a paranoid fantasy.   They've had more than one Harpers Ferry for fascism, already. 

Update:  There is a particularly stupid habit of speech that replaces argument among the stupidest of pseudo-liberals, to pretend that if something didn't have total and complete success in preventing bad behavior that means that it should be abolished.   Stupy is arguing that since the media sometimes lied before the Sullivan decision that means that permitting the media to lie with impunity was a good idea.  Well, people get murdered all the time, I'll bet if you allowed people to murder with impunity that it would do nothing to lower the murder rate.  In fact, getting away with impunity is what murderers seem to often rely on happening.  

Really, you guys are just stupid in a slightly different way from the people you love to look down on. 


  1. You're so right. The media totally never lied before Sullivan.

  2. The Sullivan decision = in Sparkyville, the worst thing ever. Abolishing the Fairness Doctrine = crickets.

    You're a fucking moron.