Monday, October 17, 2016

Atenas Ourkouzounov - Molitva

Atenas Ourkouzounov, guitar

From doing a web-search I believe "molitva" means "prayer".   Note that this piece was composed in 2004 and doesn't seem to have any relationship to the later pop song that won in the Eurovision contest several years later.

One of the things about the current generation of guitar composers music seems to be a far greater use of harmonics, both natural and artificial to extend the range of the instrument, both the expressive range and the actual pitch range of the instrument.  I would guess that it forces or is a result of greater technical mastery of that capacity.  It seems to me that when musicians discover new possibilities for making sounds with their instruments that the ability to include that sound in their music will be irresistible, especially to the most skilled composers for it.  

I don't know why I haven't used SoundCloud music files before.  I'll probably post more of them in the future. Though I can't seem to get this one to end where it should so you might get it continuing to something else after it's over. 

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