Thursday, April 7, 2016

Spotlight, Yeah, Right

So, you guys who were so enthusiastic about that movie about the Boston Globe investigation into the priest pedophile scandal are telling me to 



when it comes to commercial pedophile rape and the social networking sites that promote it openly online to a network of pedophiles.  

I wonder if any of those Oscar Awards academy members gave even a passing thought to the sexualizing of underage children in the movies as they felt so virtuous as they gave that movie their vote.   Only I'm not wondering too hard.  

As I said, most people only care about this issue when it's possible to use it to attack religion, especially the Catholic church.  The media certainly doesn't care about it.  And there isn't any investigative reporting needed.  When religion isn't involved they are 100% OK with pedophile rape that doesn't have to be searched out because it's right there in front of you, blatant and self-promoting.   Or, perhaps, reporters know that they would be attacked for violating the sanctity of free-speech, free-press, since it's done openly through "the media". Could it be their professional and, so, financial interests in that ideological formula are far stronger than their disapproval of the rape of children? 

The Globe reporting was great I wish they still did that kind of thing, I might subscribe again. I doubt the Globe or any other major publication will ever shine their spotlight on the issue when religion isn't implicated.   Hollywood won't make a movie about it,  they won't give it an Oscar. 

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