Thursday, April 7, 2016

I Am Breaking One of My Rules Just This Once

Someone doesn't believe that what I posted about the content of gay porn the other day is true. Well, I could say that considering the availability of the worst porn available,  if you ever research LGBT issues, you could hardly avoid stumbling over it, I don't believe your skepticism.  That is unless chancing upon my post and making your comment was the first time you ever used the internet.

I won't make it easier by providing links and I won't post images of real people being raped, violently abused or degraded.  I will certainly not post images of children or others being raped and tortured.

But here's a description posted by the owner of a website of the content on just one of the kind of Tumblr blogs I was talking about.  It is the only time I am going to post something like this.  I copied and pasted into unformatted type directly from the text on the website, the swastikas are contained in the text, I didn't insert them.  The Swastikas are all over the place as are all kinds of other symbols of white supremacy.

Filthy 卐 Brutal 卐 White

spit. sweat. piss. cum. rubber. slings. leather. cockrings. ballstretchers. ink. piercings. toxic. breeding. taboo. breath control. s&m. torture. violence. gunsex. rednecks. military. poppers. smoke. fisting. k9. electro. dungeons. bondage. skinheads. rawfucking. incest. groups. Dad/son. 卐 wHHite only 卐 Wickr: AmorFati88

If the swastikas weren't a clue notice the wHHite and 88, skinheads, etc. Mixing sado-masochism, pedophilia, incest and neo-Nazism is the content of this freely available website on one of the more popular "social networking" sites.  I will call your attention to the "networking" part of that term which is rattled off without consideration of its meaning.  Tumblr is one of the most networked of networking sites.  Most of them, including many of the worst porn sites on them operate as a network of people who find similar things arousing, often some of them are thinly covered prostitution operations.

Nazis mixed with sexual arousal, Nazism as sexy and desirable, presenting domination, torture, use, racism and antisemitism in the context of sexual arousal,  what could be the harm in that, right?  It can't possibly have any effect on anyone, right?  Just like those oil industry propaganda spots with the sexy-cool blond.  They hired her because no one would be influenced by her appearance and voice. Right?  Somehow, I've got a feeling someone said something like that in Weimar Germany while virtuously preening in their great liberality.  My guess would be that if you objected to Tumblr, they'd say "free speech".  I've had that answer when I've noted social media companies were hosting overt neo-Nazi content.   I got no answer when I noted that neo-Nazis didn't believe in free speech so they had no right to claim it.

It's hardly the worst that you can find though it is pretty bad and that is available to anyone of any age on the internet with a few clicks.   Lots of the pictures are of men raping what appears to me to be young boys.  One of the pictures shows a naked boy in a cage with the advice that that's how daddy should keep his boy after the age of 5.

But, so long as no one is wearing a Roman collar, that's OK with you guys, isn't it?   You figure they don't really mean it and that it won't encourage those who are so inclined?   Maybe you think it can be dismissed as "satire" though the photos and images, the brutality, the grimacing, the hate messages, etc. look pretty unsatirical to me.

Update:  You are a complete idiot. 

"You're perpetuating child abuse by writing about this."  

Oh, my, you're even stupider than I thought.   If everyone followed your rule that everyone who so much as looks at images of pedophile porn is participating in abuse NO ONE WOULD EVER BE ABLE TO POINT OUT THAT SOMEONE IS PRODUCING AND DISTRIBUTING IT.  YOU ARE ENABLING ITS PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION, YOU DOLT! 

You are the kind of person who is too stupid to be considered a feminist, a leftist or anything else but someone too stupid for anyone to take seriously.  

How do you think they arrest and prosecute these guys in the very few instances when the people doing what they do all over Tumblr and other social networking sites are doing in plain sight are prosecuted?  

Go back to play-land,  I write for adults. 

Update II  Go tell it to Tumblr, if it's illegal to just look at what they've got up there then millions who stumble across what they openly distribute are guilty of a crime.  No one has been prosecuted for distributing pedophile porn on Tumblr, if my posting this leads to someone getting prosecuted and it getting taken down, well, dopey, why do you think I wrote this? 

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