Friday, April 8, 2016

I'm Told These Two Stories Appeared In Jeff Bezos' Rag Within 24-hours Of Each Other


I am reading the growing suspicion that the current line of delusion within the Sanders campaign, that he would win the presidency, is coming from Jeff Weaver. who has been Bernie Sander's long time chief of staff and the head of his campaign. 

The scuffle got more intense and more cynical later this morning when Sanders' campaign manager Jeff Weaver came on MSNBC and now explicitly doubled down, actually doubly double-down. He says the Post was right. Clinton did say Sanders was unqualified. So they'll say it about her. So there!

Now, as I've watched this campaign unfold, I've increasingly had the sense that Weaver is a, maybe the key source of toxicity and cynicism in the Sanders camp, and I suspect doesn't care terribly about the November election if Sanders isn't the standard bearer. Obviously Sanders is responsible for his own campaign. And it's difficult to overestimate the mix of exhaustion, frustration and intensity that gets churned up in a hotly contested race like this. People get mad. On both sides. No crying in baseball, of course. Campaigns can and do do what they feel they need to do. But the consequences are ones all should understand and absorb.

This is cynical. It's a lie. And it's playing with fire.

I don't know much about Jeff Weaver or the other men who are running his campaign but what I'm reading doesn't make me feel better about their judgment.   I am told that all of the people running Sanders campaign are men, which I do say I've got problems with.

My inclination is to wonder if Weaver realizes that he could be reaching the end of his time as Sanders' chief of staff, when you job depends on the health and vigor of a 75 year old man it's an incentive to keep your resume in order.   I would imagine that if Sanders won election that he'd keep Weaver as his Chief of Staff, from what I've heard from him and of him, I don't think you should expect good relations with other parts of the government.

To be honest, I've got my doubts about those who are running Hillary Clinton's campaign, as well. I've got a whole list of people who have worked for her and Bill Clinton as well as those who have worked for Barack Obama who I think should never have anything to do with a Democratic campaign or an administration, ever again.  Personal loyalty to long term staffers has to come well after the best interests of the campaign, the party whose nomination they are asking for, the country and the world.  All of them are asking us for the most serious privileges anyone can get from us, all of them, candidates and staffers owe us, we are their first and foremost creditors of trust.

I think Sanders and Clinton need to meet, face to face for one or more meetings to avoid such things as what has happened this week.  Since both of them agree that the other would be preferable to any Republican winning the election, they owe it to their supporters and the rest of the world to work together to avoid that.  I believe they could find a way to navigate the narrow channel of running against each other while not doing the Republican fascists a favor.   They might have to ignore some of their advisors who don't seem to care about that.

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