Saturday, April 9, 2016

Of Course I'm Against The Use of Girls In The Porn You Defend - What's Obvious Is You Aren't - Hate Mail

Of course I'm totally against the pedophile rape, torture, degradation and use of girls as much as that of boys.  When I wrote about the ubiquitous presence of photographs, gifs and movies of children being raped on websites I didn't single out boys for special attention, I repeatedly used the inclusive word "children".   I could have pointed out that there are, at times, images on gay porn sites of men raping women and girls, apparently men such as produce porn figure gay men would be attracted to those kind of men.  Well, I'm not one of them, I'd arrest the rapists and I would arrest those who make and distribute the photographic promotion of rape.

That some of the many feminist magazines, websites and organizations aren't investigating the clear and horrific misogyny being peddled to anyone old enough to use the internet, why they aren't insisting that the use and destruction of even very young girls in the sex industry isn't stopped and the distribution of its promotion suppressed only shows how feminism is one of the casualties of the "free speech-free press" orthodoxy.

If Andrea Dworkin at times went overboard in some of her statements that does nothing, whatsoever, to change the fact that pornography-prostitution is the most ubiquitous and strongest force and the most seductive means of promoting both male supremacy and the social and peer pressure on girls and coercing women to acquiesce to their own oppression and destruction.  When Simone de Beauvoir asked if we must burn Sade she wasn't asking a question, she was announcing that she put the interest of sadistic, misogynistic pornographers, even long dead ones,  above the interest of women, under the rousing slogans of 18th century thinking.  So have most of the current generation of feminists, it would seem.

I am disgusted at the silence of feminists on this issue, just as I'm disgusted at gay men who accept and participate in and defend the foremost promotion of hatred and self-hatred among gay boys and men thorough pornography.  What Pope Francis is being criticized for in the document he released yesterday is a positive benefit to gay men and Lesbians as compared to what the pornographers have to say about us.  It is a positive benefit as compared to the civil liberties line on the promotion of our oppression, degradation and destruction.   The Pope is wrong on gay marriage, the porn industry and its champions are far more wrong in entirely worse ways.   They are worse for women and for gay men.

Update:  See my last post yesterday, that's your answer.

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