Friday, January 1, 2016

You Know It's Not The Real Left When This Kind Of Crap Is A "Cause"

For things to be thankful for in the year past, one of them is that I didn't, until the last two days of 2015, know who Sarah Silverman was.  I only know about her now because the athei-net is trying to blow up flack she got from a stupid tweet about Jesus being "gender fluid" into turning her into some kind of cause célèbre, as if people reacting predictably were some kind of major issue.

I've seen it before, online atheist would-be wise-guys cracking jokes about  Jesus being gay, unknowingly exposing themselves as being uneasy about the "gender fluid" in the process.  Being gay, myself, that was as obvious about it as anything.

Amanda Marcotte's copy-cat Salon post on it yesterday, not the first I'd seen about it, had all of the idiotic features of this ritual.

Conservatives love decrying liberals for “political correctness” and “oversensitivity,” a particularly poignant form of hypocrisy since liberals could never reach the levels of whininess and hyper-sensitivity to perceived insults that the right wing coughs up daily. Doubly so when it comes to anything that a celebrity says.

Freaking out on celebrities allows conservatives to double down on their sense of victimhood — not only do they get to feign offense, they also get to wallow in how supposedly unfair it is that the giant liberal media conspiracy is oppressing them by allowing celebrities to say progressive things in public.

The dumb bunny doesn't realize that every single thing she accuses the people reacting to Silverman's stupid tweet of are exactly the same thing she's making of their reaction to it.  Silverman, who, from what I can see of her career, is one of the dime a thousand, ephemeral "celebrities" who have a short-lived "hit show" on some cable channel, who yucks on one of 500 or so channels and frets on the ephemeral nature of their fame and is soon heard of no more.  Her chances of being any more famous than she is now, ever again, is entirely dependent on her kicking up attention, the entire reason for her stupid, unshocking, undangerous and uninteresting tweet.

Marcotte, as well, has only so much fame as she can kick up for herself in the way over-populated world of online scribblers.  The substance of her "literary career" consists of her entirely vulgar, common as dirt and stupid anti-religious shtick and that's getting old.  But she doesn't have much more to her than Silverman does.  I was not even mildly curious when I went to see some of Silverman's work, online, her "American Jewish princess" act was old in the 1960s and unfunny and just stupid.

For anyone to complain that people remark on her intentionally offending conservative Christian sensibilities on the basis of her being Jewish, what's offensive about that that her own claim to fame isn't?   Jewish folk in show-biz who hold up being Jewish to the general ridicule in order to get attention are despicable.  If you want to see why antisemites don't feel inhibited about expressing antisemitism on such occasions, they were given permission by such acts as Silverman's.  It's as unfunny as Stepin Fetchit, only he had no possibility to try to make any other kind of career in show business and little other opportunity in the pre-Civil Rights Act America he lived in.  Members of minority groups who pander to bigots don't have that excuse, today.   Silverman's entire career would seem to be based on expressing internalized self-hatred, it appeals to the hatred that other people feel.  It is hate for the amusement of people who hate women and Jews and especially Jewish women.

As predictable as anything in this, I am am going to be accused of not having a sense of humor over this, which is as predictable as Silverman and Marcotte wrote.   The problem for them is that I do have a sense of humor, enough to know what they're doing isn't funny, it's just stupid and dull and was done before.  Show biz was full of negative Jewish stereotypes in the vaudeville era, those go back into antiquity.  Do I have to mention Tacitus again?  They were never funny.  Neither were the consequences.

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