Thursday, December 31, 2015

Kickin' Up The Dust The Mophead Left Behind

Given the choice of listening to Carmen Lombardo or whatever brainless andenoidal twit they've selected to intone the smart mopheads dreary atheist dirge at Time Square tonight, I'd take Carmen, he has historical interest and almost certainly a better back up band.  

Listening to those early Guy Lombardo arrangements, I can sort of hear what Louis Armstrong said he did.  “I haven’t heard no band that plays more perfect music than Guy Lombardo yet.”  Unlike Simps and the Tots I figure that someone who created the continual and perpetually inspiring musical genius that Louis Armstrong did, if they hear something in music that I haven't noticed, there must be something there that I'm not hearing and it might be worth the effort to hear it.  I also figure anyone who wouldn't rather take instruction from Louis Armstrong than from a washed-up c-list pop music reviewer from the equivalent of an ad flyer is a dolt. 

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